Cain Dover (pictured left): Within a matter of weeks in 2018 I lost my father to cancer, I lost my Sales Manager role that I had spent years building in the USA for a nearly $1b company after it filed for bankruptcy, and my relationship fell apart with the woman I was about to move across the world for. This was the wake up call, the catalyst and the ego hit I needed to take a step back and reassess where I was at in life as a 28 year old male. I realised I didn’t like how I was showing up in my life for myself or others around me, and became aware that I had some serious personal things that I needed to deal with; my relationship with my father, my feeling of never being enough, my imposter syndrome, my fear of love, and many more unconscious behaviours I needed to deal with, that until this point, were drowned out by my “busy” life. This, was my dark night of the soul that sparked a multi-year, and still ongoing personal, spiritual and physical development journey to get back to my true self.

I am the co-founder of Man on Purpose, a brotherhood where men can come together to connect, push boundaries, grow and heal themselves. In a society where it can be so challenging to find genuine connection and be heard as a man, we create an environment where men can truly be vulnerable in a safe space.

During my experience in various industries such as oil and gas, start-up businesses, management, real estate, child protection and disability support, I’ve learned a little something about working with people from all walks of life. I bring all of that knowledge and experience to each of our private mens retreats, group sessions and 1 on 1 mentoring sessions. During my own journey of self healing I’ve learned tools, modalities and practices that have helped me get to where I am today, and I am passionate about sharing these with men in a safe space to connect, push boundaries, grow and heal, while releasing what is no longer serving us.

The more we do this work the more I am reminded that we have more in common than we initially think, and as soon as we scratch back the surface layer we realise we really are not alone in this journey. I am optimistic for the future as we continue, as men, to explore our consciousness and promote positive mens mental health, which ripples out into the world through our families and communities in a positive way.


Stefan Supic (pictured right): Co-founder of Man On Purpose. The name is exactly what it suggests; men seeking and discovering a deeper purpose to life. I have always been passionate and driven towards helping high vibe, like-minded humans, who are also willing to do the work. Late last year I successfully completed a bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy. Yes, this was a great achievement, but for me this was only the beginning. I was on the hunt for something much greater.

To be honest, prior to starting the ‘inner work,’ I never really believed in the power of healing, meditation, breathwork or any of these ‘woo woo’ modalities. However, in 2015 a close family member of mine was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, which turned into stage 4 the very following year. What followed was the awakening, and the birth of my very own personal and spiritual journey. This one heck of a woman took action, and decided to ‘do the work’ by simply journaling each day, whilst learning and practising breathwork and meditation, and within only a few months she was cancer free. Immediately doctors started raising questions and were soon seeking answers as to how this was possible. I knew the answer, so what was I waiting for? Was I also waiting for a life-threatening situation to hit before I started my own healing journey? NO WAY.


Fast track a few years and here I am healthier, happier and seeking to raise the consciousness of other like-minded humans. Over the years, I’ve guided hundreds of people like yourself through various breathwork journeys, and insightful meditations. I’ve also been privileged enough to privately mentor men, women, business owners and professional athletes. And from those who went on to find true alignment in life, were those most open to ‘doing the work’.

 When not mentoring, or working alongside other amazing humans, you’ll find me either at the beach, working out, playing/watching sport or planning a spontaneous getaway.

But now it's our turn, it's time for us men to get together and form a brotherhood. So, I gladly welcome you to Man On Purpose; a safe space for men to connect, push boundaries, heal and grow. BROTHERS, LET'S GET TO WORK.