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Man On Purpose


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Location: TBA

Date: Sunday, May 21st

Time: 4:30pm -7:30pm

What to expect?

Deep in our DNA as men we are hunters, in our not so distant past we would scour the land, track animals and not stop until we could provide for our families. So what better way that to pay tribute to our anscestral lineage than a men's walk, connecting with ourselves and the country beneath our feet.

This includes;

Light walking and hiking, Movement, Breathwork, Meditation, Interpersonal Connection, Connection with Nature, Connection with self, Journaling, Sharing Circle.

Also includes;

Deep Connection, Nature Immersion/Connection, and other Primal Activities to help you go deep within. 

Is this retreat for me?

Be prepared to be vulnerable and push all boundaries. If you've been to our other retreats, or have been on your own journey/ 'doing the work' then you are ready! Come and join your brothers, and get ready to rediscover your deepest purpose in life.

 It's time to reconnect with yourself and your brothers!

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